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DF 15 - The 3rd, 4th & 5th Questions - hogfish (Feb 2000)

February, 2000

Well it's nice to know that nothing's changed since the early seventies. Not in the UK anyway. There was a cool collection of reviews printed on the original sleeve of 'Machine Head'. Some of them were there to illustrate the sheer ignorance, bigotry or confusion of the critics, who couldn't bear the thought of our existence, and I'm glad to see that the horrible little offspring are thriving yet, in their small, fetid world of snide and nervous insufficiency.

I've just read the press cuttings from the show and the recording of 'Albert'. The majority is extremely favourable, and then there is the hate-mob. Ah, the venom, the scorn and disdain; I can almost see the spittle, frothing at the corners of their spiteful, puckered mouths. At least the prose is elegant; original words and phrases to the fore: 'dinosaurs', 'humourless', 'pompous', and so on. The fans are not spared either; insult follows derision at such a roaring pace that my earlier sarcasm must surely be elevated to a lofty position in the grading of wit. You see, I can even manage arrogance, given a shove, and to make matters worse, I really like 'Albert', and to make matters even worse still, I don't give a monkey's flying fook what they think. DP is a wonderful place to be. I do take a humility pill every morning, but sometimes it sticks in my craw. Anyway, I've saved all these gems and one day I'll find another use for them.

Dinosaurs are extinct aren't they? Given my druthers, I'd rather be a rhino or an elephant, or a gibbon. Maybe a hogfish or a sandworm. A falcon or a lark or a carpenter. I dunno.

Question three: If I wasn't a dinosaur, what should I be, and why?

So, this is a short DF, because a) there's been a clamour for the next question, and, OK, this is question number four: b) .? Please note: the number of dots has no particular significance (this for the pedants amongst you).

Question five: Was it 'today or yesterday'? (this should be easy for Gbook readers)

May I take this opportunity of wishing you all well. Once again thank you for your friendship, it means a lot.

Peace & love,
Ian Gillan
Copyright © Ian Gillan 2000

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