Dear Friends

DF 3 - Liverpool (July 97)

Liverpool 15th July

Dear Friends,

It's that time of year. What the British press refer to as 'the silly season' ..... A few shows dotted about, a bit of recording, an airline strike (why not? everyone's looking forward to their vacation).

I can't get any sense out of anyone and no-one understands a word I'm saying; but that's alright because I'm drifting into some beautiful space. There's a distinct lack of blah. This is refreshing, no governments or gods so far and nary a beast at the window. The less cohesive my ideas the more tangible the connections seem to be. It's probably true that a thoughtwave is more embracing than a thought particle, and that's worth thinking about; although it becomes a struggle in the conventional sense.

Back on the planet, I was recently in Lahr, Germany for a festival with Deep Purple, loved it. Then Beirut, great vibe; my first time back since '66/'67 when Roger Glover and I were there performing at the Casino du Liban with Episode Six.

Went straight from the gig, via the hotel bar, to the airport. Flew to London, drove to Liverpool, checked in at Parr St. Studios. Worked Thur. and Fri. with Steve Morris recording some more trax for 'Dreamcatcher' (now scheduled for release on Caramba through ARK21 / EMI in late September/early October this year). On Sat. flew to Zurich for another festival. Sunday, back to Liverpool on Swissair. During the flight I confidently poured milk onto my lettuce and then, (what the heck!) from a similar looking container, added salad dressing to my coffee whilst smiling at the worried looking gentleman in 5B.

I'm not very good with tubes and containers. have you ever tried pouring Vicks Sinex into your eyes? No? Well I have; and ear drops aren't much better. There are various other applications I have misused in error and on one occasion I cleaned my teeth with something minty, which was designed for use in a different orifice altogether.

Isn't it interesting to observe the torment of the Eurocrats as the ECU becomes slippery with soap and flannel? They may not have noticed that the worldwide music business has been using the U.S. dollar as a single defining currency for many years. At the end of the line everyone gets paid in Yen, Marks, Pounds,, whatever they want. So, what's the problem? Who's complaining? Absolutely no-one. What governments were involved? Absolutely none. What do politicians know about business? .... The same as me, absolutely nothing.

Thank you for all your letters and messages and thoughts, and welcome to all the visitors who've signed in to the Guestbook on my page at the web site - as I write this letter (which will also appear on The Page). I am completing a fresh batch of observations for our man at Caramba, Steve Campbell, and they too will be found on said page, in the category 'anecdotage'.

As if my life wasn't ethereal enough.

Peace & love,
Ian Gillan
Copyright © Ian Gillan 1997

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