Dear Friends

DF 44 - Telepathy is a tricky business

December 2006

Dear Friends,

Telepathy is a tricky business.

OK, I'm going to let you into my mind.

Relax now, it's supposed to be a two way trip but you seem reticent - can't say I blame you; I know what you're thinking. I ask no favours and willingly accept the blame. Make of me what you want, be judgemental. Frame a reference, feel superior. Empathy we may have. Mais oui…May we? Mmmm, nice!!!

Pause now; it's no big deal but it is a joint responsibility. I am passive; merely opening the door. But once you're in - you're in and we become one. When I say we, I mean you and all that you are, and me and my collection of rogues, rascals and rebels Ltd. Well, you know what it's like when you go to a party alone - it takes a while to get going.

Possibly you are a voyeur. Well that's ok, so am I. Thing is, I'm an exhibitionist too, so I have to be quick on my feet.

Feet? My poor uncomplaining mulish human feet. I do apologise, how slovenly of me. How so incorrect. How dare I have - feet?

I will have my lower termini digitalised immediately in order to conform to an ordered world. If my feet - or yours come to that, and we shall eventually I suppose - are allowed to roam free then the world will go to pot - according to the masters of unity, who reside in the torpid, bubble-free, cauldron of apathy and tweak the lashes of perpetual IBS deep in the rectum of disinterest. Rectum? I destroyed the buggers - and they didn't even notice!!

That's the problem isn't it.

A fine young gentleman from the North West - who might be the man in Manchester, no that would be Chester - wants to form a multi-denominational rock band. I think it's a fine idea. Musically it could/should be a blast if the members each bring along their cultural values; and lyrically? Now there's a challenge. What if they start dwelling on prophets - Or creation? Or - heaven forbid - god herself. It could get tricky, we must remind ourselves to have faith in the complexity of human nature; it passes all understanding.

How fantastic! I heard Christmas carols in Hindi country - Bangalore. Santa hats being flogged by street traders whilst the traffic flowed like water; cascading upwards the airport and anywhere else it needed to go. What a great country - India - where a smile is still cool, an open demeanour is respected.

Now it's time for a break; a family holiday for a month on Australia's sunshine coast. Amongst other things I'll be sploshing, flopping, yomping, chomping, snoozing, boozing, puffing, blowing, diving, skiving, driving, snapping, flashing, yodelling, tacking, yakking, kayaking, back packing and of course writing.

Still undecided?

Well never mind; have a good one and may 2007 bring health and joy to you and yours.

Cheers and bottoms up

Ian Gillan

Copyright © Ian Gillan 2006

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