Dear Friends

DF 53 - A Cosmic Fart

January 2012

Dear Friends

I may have touched upon this subject before, but I've learned from Orwell Monsanto that attrition is the most valuable weapon in the armoury of an unfavoured position.

Where is the centre of the universe? Nobody knows.

Not surprising really because 'universe' is merely a word that describes the boundaries of our knowledge…in other words 'all known things'.

Our mathematics are inadequate for measuring the beginning or end of something so wondrous, although we do seem to be closing in on the Big Bang, in a Zeno's Paradox sort of way.

Therefore wondrous thinking is needed. What is beyond that which we know?

And is 'what we know' something quite different from another perspective?

According to Hawking (although not meant to be taken literally), before the Big Bang there was nothing. If that nothingness was contained - as all the best explosions are - then the host will have experienced some indigestion over the last 13.75 billion years, unless that singular moment of effervescence was one of many - brought on by an excess of curry and beer - in which case the end of the world is probably nigh.

External forces will have relaxed, creating the unknown 'dark force' which has baffled cosmologists for some time. Then as the storm gathers we shall be crushed prior to the volcanic expulsion of a million similar universes in what might be, disappointingly, just another cosmic fart. Particles and waves will then reassemble and adapt.

So, where is the centre of the Universe now we know what's going on?

For now it can only be in the mind/spirit/imagination of the creator.

That would be me.

No, let's be fair.

There are millions of untarnished people who look up at the sky or into their hearts and murmur 'What's it all about?'

What is it all about?

Feet and inches versus metrication? Possibly.

Ideological warfare? Hmmm, quite likely.

Survival? To start with Yes.

Supremacy? Getting much warmer.

The nature of Humanity immediately prior to the last days on Earth will be that of a sophisticated mongrel whose dominant traits will be those of the champion tribes. Some perceptive congregations will have already flown.

If you note - and how can you not - the exponential acceleration of our population you may agree with me that things are coming to a head.

We can barely grasp in a time or spatial sense what went before and according to Chaos Theory guessing what might happen next is futile, so the 'Indigestion' postulate can claim a place amongst, or even ahead of, theoretical physics' best efforts. We know of three linear dimensions and the passing of time so far and they are only as good as Euclid's parallel lines were, for now and then respectively. So we come back to wondrous thinking.

With all the problems of survival approaching faster than we think, or talk about (witness Sir David Attenborough at the UN recently facing taboo on the subject of population crisis) transmutation should not be dismissed.

Caterpillars to Butterflies.

Human to Meta-Physical existence, although we'll have to think of a better name; Post-Human doesn't make it either. Life without bodies.

Released from slavery the free man lifted his eyes to the sky and took a deep breath; it was the same air but oh so much fresher. Go where you think.

Dimensions scatter and Physics is stuck in Flatland again.

Competition -Best name for the new species wins - prizes too!

Oh how I miss those old circuses, the ones with animals.

I mentioned this to a vegetarian the other day and had to explain quickly that the only real excitement I got from the circus when I was a kid was the joy of willing a lion to bite off the tamer's head; it's no fun anymore. Cheers,

Ian Gillan

Copyright © Ian Gillan 2012

Monsanto has been given the forename 'Orwell' in honour of Napoleon's tactics in Animal Farm. And many thanks to valued Caramba translator Jerry Fielden for the following educational links.

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