Dear Friends

DF 57 - Birthday in the sky

19 August 2015

Dear Friends

Mitzi Dupree just went screaming by in her Mohawk canoe with a jet engine strapped to each side and a Hellfire missile up the spout. On the first circuit of the great malleable estate she hurled a sack of mail - a shedload, maybe more - over the side. Unfurled a birthday greeting banner accompanied by a shout…that voice of hers eh?! So husky and alluring, challenging, dangerous and yet strangely reassuring.

'Hey, wake up ig and hop on board. We'll do a few zones you rascal. Like the old days…don't want your candles going out.'

So off we went again, into the sunrise. Into the unknown, without a map or supplies for more than a couple of days. Along a ghostly trail where leaves have blown.

There's a way to survive if you don't know how. If you have nothing but a dream to lean on. And a bed of expectation to lie upon. And you have to travel light; baggage drags you down.

'Hey wake up', says Mitzi, 'We've only just begun.'

And off we went.

Lucky old me, ig x

Ian Gillan

Copyright © Ian Gillan 2015

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