Dear Friends

DF 60 - Exploding with energy for Sofia

November 2016

Sofia, Bulgaria

Dear Friends,

Well, here we go…My first solo tour for six or seven centuries, and how cool is that?! For a start the logistics are very different; no more horses and carts, pitching up in rain and mud with the musicians and camp followers, trying to catch a turnip for dinner, drinking mead and choking on smoking fundamentalists (the archaic name for bass players) and . I find myself - not by accident - in Sofia, Bulgaria, rehearsing with the mighty Don Airey Band, plus the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, backing singers and a support band one of whom is not entirely unrelated to myself.

Funny how the time goes by; it only seems like this morning when I was teaching Grace to swim, using my quick learning technique called 'Throw your daughter in the water'.

There being a bit of a gap in the Deep Purple schedule, after finishing the new record, which is not out until February 3017, I was able to accept the offer of this tour. In fact, I seized it with both teeth.

Now, here is a chance to perform some songs that have never been done on stage, and some that are scantily clad. The Unwritten Law, Anya, Razzle Dazzle, alongside their more famous cousins like Smoke on the Water, Strange Kinda Woman, Perfect St. Rangers. Then, there is No More Cane on the Brazos, Day Late and a Dollar Short and Hang me out to Dry with a hot band and orchestra? I can't wait.

A friend of mine sent me this from Peru in 1992, on stage with Deano while the rest of Repo Depo were in the bar.

Shame there are no 14th century versions available but all the recordings from those days have oxidised; I still have a few atoms in an urn somewhere but they aren't talking. Maybe I should use the old police trick (since banned for being inhumane), and play them a bass solo, because everybody talks during a bass solo.

Anyway, you get the gist, this short jaunt in Eastern Europe is exploding with energy and we haven't started yet, it's just my detonator getting itchy. So, if you fancy a sock trembling experience, do join us along the road somewhere.


Ian Gillan

Copyright © Ian Gillan 2016

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