Dear Friends

DF 65 - e-a-r e-a-r, a small nudge included

Later in August 2018

Dear Friends,

A new record is being released by e-a-r Music (Edel) at the end of this week, Friday 31/08/18.

As most contemporary listeners use their eyes/nose/pons to absorb music, this is a great opportunity for you to buck the trend, strap on some decent headphones, employ a HiFi system at home or in your car, and listen to a CD/vinyl/digital version of the 'Ian Gillan and the Javelins' LP (Oh, alright, stream it if you must). Of course, you'd have to buy it first, but it is great value for money; cheap at half the price. (Que? Ed.)

Important health and safety warning: remember to use Bluetooth headphones if you're a get-up-and-dance kind of listener.

Here's the track listing:

Do You Love Me
Dream Baby
Memphis Tennessee
Little Egypt
High School Confidential
It's So Easy
Save The Last Dance For Me
Rock And Roll Music
Another Saturday Night
You're Gonna Ruin Me Baby
Smokestack Lightin'
Hallelujah I Love Her So
What'd I Say

You load sixteen songs and whattaya get?
Another day older and deeper in debt
St Peter don't you call me, 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the company store

It just came to mind: to paraphrase the chorus of 'Sixteen Tons' by Merle Travis. Hmmmm, now there's a thought for another project in the pipeline. But, I digress...

...These 16 tracks were recorded, after a few weeks of practice, in four days at Chameleon Studios in Hamburg, with the priceless help and joyous encouragement of:

Steve Morris (Musical Director)
Max Vaccaro, Isabelle Albrecht, Anja Obersteller and everyone else at Edel
Eike Freese and assistant Denny (Studio engineers)
Phil Banfield, (IG's manager)
Maryann Spencer, (Office manager)
Steve Campbell (Chief Editor at Caramba
Monika Schwarz (Director of IGOS,
Sally Long (Shepherdess)
Michael Airey (Holistic Tech)

The musicians:

Ian Gillan, singer
Gordon Fairminer, lead guitar
Tony Tacon, rhythm guitar
Tony Whitfield, bass guitar
Keith Roach, drums


Don Airey, piano

Not to mention the augmentation of brass and backing vocals, or Dr Manfred Kuhn, maracas.

Much more information is given on the liner notes and attendant promotional material, this DF is just by way of a nudge to your nearest record store, which may not be a million miles away from your itchy fingers. Unless of course you have a local non-virtual emporium; in which case it must be supported.

I thank you,


Ian Gillan

Copyright © Ian Gillan 2018

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