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January 2019

Dear Friends,

If this coming year is anything like 1821, we can expect independence for Mexico, now wouldn't that be a coincidence.

I'm 1m better off than I was 7 days ago, because I did not buy a Rolls Royce every day last week. But we shouldn't all get rich that way (by keeping our wallets closed) because it will result in widespread unemployment. So, just me then. And this week, I've made 57 trillion, by not purchasing anything at all.

Then again, I haven't bought one disposable plastic bottle of water this year. Strangely, I'm not thirsty.

Weirdistan * is celebrating its 6th anniversary this year. At least it will be 6 years since its discovery in A.D. 2013. It has probably existed for thousands of years, but never appeared on any map; because it doesn't like being looked at; and shrivels to the size of an up quark when peered at. Because of its isolation, cultural evolution has remained unsullied by outside influence. It does indeed, to us, seem strange in many aspects. This is why its name was chosen, with great irony, at a W. 40th century parliamentary session; in anticipation of our judgement. But Weirdies think of themselves as completely normal.

I'll be flying into the capital Hundeslawe, next Wurzel (the 2nd of Hendrix) and staying for 10 metric days. Looking forward to a mad week of bauchery and pravity. Syllabic restrictions there temper extreme behaviour most effectively; we could learn something from that.


Ian Gillan

Copyright © Ian Gillan 2019

* Readers wishing to avail themselves of the most comprehensive guide to Weirdistan available are recommended to travel to the following location: Weirdistan

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