Dear Friends

DF 7 - Mad / Phil - Bocholt (June 98)

Bocholt, Germany

Dear Friends,

Have you noticed how hot it's getting? Apparently all the ice is melting. That's going to put the kybosh on my snowboarding vacation in the Dutch Alps. I'll be water-skiing across the tulip fields instead. We'll have to adapt I suppose. Some friends of mine are starting a citrus farm in Scotland. Can't really see the point though; if there's no ice, what do we need lemons for?

President Clinton says "two wrongs don't make a right" and imposes sanctions on Pakistan and India in the wake of nuclear tests. As recently as twenty years ago, you could listen to General Haig enthusiastically describing the virtues of Mutual(ly) Assured Destruction (what a delightful acronym that is).

It was argued, as a matter of policy, that, in the event of an attack on the US, resulting in the extinction of life in that territory, automatically triggered responses would ensure the obliteration of all Soviet interests, and vice versa (?). In the category 'spillage' no explanation was forthcoming from either side.

So, he condemns India and Pakistan for adopting the same stance as the nuclear cavaliers of a previous generation and adds, dismissively, "I can't believe that, as we approach the Millenium, the Indian sub-continent is about to repeat the mistakes that were made earlier in the century". Of course you are right on both counts Mr President. So, shouldn't that be 'Two rights do make a wrong'! Is that what you meant?

This is not say that India and Pakistan are, at this moment, bent on that M.A.D. course, nor, more to the point, that the most powerful nations on Earth are culturally or morally equipped to dispense advice in this area.

Meanwhile, in Japan, whilst the economy falls around their ankles like a cheap pair of tights, the people are glued to their televisions, watching their beloved football team play out of their skins in France. Quite right too; ordinary folk's lives are so dominated by the fluctuations of international finance. There is little enough joy to be had worrying about the corporate criminals who rule the world and crush the spirit of a generation on the whimsy of a day's profit. 'Twas ever thus.

I'm reminded of a fax I sent to my manager, about ten years ago.

"Dear Phil", - I wrote one morning -

"I'm sick to death of being forced to deal with the 'money bastards'. From now on, henceforth, I'd like to be paid in beads. All future contracts will specify so many beads for this publishing deal or that concert tour etc. I'm working on the colours right now and I'll call you later in the day with a coding system,

Cheers for now,

Phil Banfield was naturally aghast upon receiving this missive, and made a note to arrange for me to see a doctor as soon as possible. He was somewhat relieved to peel another letter from his fax machine that afternoon.

"Dear Phil,

Please ignore previous correspondence re: beads. It has occurred to me that; easy as it may be to get rid of the money bastards, it won't be more than a week or two before I'm up to my neck in bead bastards. So, I guess I'm stuck with them whichever way I turn!

Cheers for now,

The problem is not money (or beads) when used as a currency, any fool knows that; but when it becomes a commodity in itself. That's how people can make a profit without contributing to society. That's wrong isn't it?

We've tolerated these money dealers since civilisation began. Most elements of life need scavengers to clear up the mess, but surely we must loosen the grip of these sociopathic pariahs who make us wade through their detritus. Strong words I know, but not enough, not nearly enough, for the innocents, billions of them, who are dragged through the ruinous cycles of depression and inflation, recession and recovery.

I'm sure the people of Japan will pay the price for recovery; the same as the British did eight years ago and we shall all carry the scars. So let's enjoy our football and to Hell with the money bastards. 'Beads', I recognise now, is not the answer, but I'm still working on it.

On a different note, but equally puzzling to free thinkers, I hear that Moronica (or Oxymoronica, to use her full name) was irritated by the publication of an interview schedule for Dick Pimple. The logic for this was that 'these things are private'. Now that's an interesting concept, a secret promotion tour; wonderful stuff!

Using the principles:

1. anything (or anything at all) which gets on Moronica's tits must be a good thing, and

2. fans do really appreciate a little insight; here is the complete interview schedule for Istanbul.

Deep Purple / Istanbul / June 1st - June 3rd Date 28.05.1998

June 1st Interviews for Turkey at the:
Hyatt Hotel
Taskisla CAD /TAKSIM
11.00 - 11.30 Hurriyet (major daily mag)
Half page coverage
Photo required
The interview will be published the next day

11.30 - 12.00 Blue Jean (major monthly mag)
2 full page coverage in the July issue

1300 - 13.30 Number One TV (Turkish's only international Music channel)
Interview will be filmed.

13.30 - 14.00 Kanal D TV (major national commercial TV) Interview to be filmed.

14.00 - 15.00 Leave hotel for SUPER ONLINE Internet chat

19.30 Arrival of SPANISH media with ELENA MARTIN / EMI SPAIN TK 1858

June 2nd

11.00 Interview FOR HEAVY ROCK (music mag) SPAIN Vicente Romero

11.30 Interview for BULGARIA TV Amelia Petrova

12.00 Interview for RADIO 3, SPAIN Carlos Pina

12.30 Interview for ONDA 10 RADIO, SPAIN

13.00 Interview for Canal Plus TV, SPAIN Rafa Bassa

13.30 Interview for Hit Radio, SPAIN Mariano Garcia

14.00 Interview for Radio 4, SPAIN Jordi Tarda

14.00 - 14.30 BREAK

14.30 Interview for NTV TV, GERMANY Thomas and Manfred Bleskin

15.00 Interview for TV3 and Antenna Radio, GREECE Stathis Panayiotopoulos

A camera crew has been hired in Istanbul and will be at the hotel to film the TV interviews. They will also be at the venue June 2nd to tape 3 songs of the gig.


16.30 Soundcheck
17.00 End of soundcheck
20.00 Stage time

As you can see, everyone is doing a lot of work. What's the problem?

A million thanks to all of you who have made the start to this Purple tour such a humbling experience. Thanks also to all at Forbidden Records who are working so hard on Dreamcatcher. Some interesting developments here.

1. Steve Morris is working on arrangements for a collection of incredible songs written by Jill Towers, watch this space.

2. Forbidden is scheduling an autumn release for a collection of songs from R.Bruce (my frailing, flailing, ukeleling but never failing friend). I was introduced to Bruce's magic by my old buddy Steve Jarrel. 'Sharks ate my baby brother', 'If cowboys could fly', 'Too much butt' (for one pair of jeans). These are just three titles from this very funny man. genuine wit that will have you in stitches. R.Bruce is coming, put a few dollars to one side, you must own this record.

Talking about Steve Jarrel (and we often do) he has a very important event coming up on 26th July (that's a Sunday) in Nashville at The Ryman's Theatre, the site of the original Grand Ole Opry. It's called 'Rockin' at the Rymans'.

Steve and his band will provide the backing for a string of stars from the formative years of Rock 'n' Roll, Larry Henley of the Newbeats ('Bread and Butter'), Robert Knight ('Everlasting Love'), Bruce Channel ('Hey Baby'), Dobie Gray ('The In Crowd and 'Drift Away') and many, many more. Ray Peterson ('Tell Laura I Love Her'), Troy Shondell ('This Time We're Really Breaking Up') and more.

Musicians of my own era owe a lot to theses ground-breakers and I've always held the whole genre in high regard. If this show is successful it could lead to a run. If you live nearby, or fancy making a trip, please make enquiries and get a ticket for a memorable first night. Good luck Steve. Top man our Steve.

I gotta go.

Peace & love,
Ian Gillan
Copyright © Ian Gillan 1998

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