Dear Friends

DF 74 - Bron (January 2023)

January 2023

Dear Friends,

I wish you all a splendid and enjoyable year ahead; Two Thousand and Twenty Three could be an improvement, if you really go for it.

Things are looking up, as King Harold said at the Battle of Hastings.

I'm pulling the arrow from my eye whilst trying to follow the light and, getting back on my feet whilst struggling to walk with half of me missing.

My darling wife, Bron, died of heart failure on Saturday 19 November, 2022, in Exeter Hospital.

It's taken some weeks until I could find the words to dignify her publicly.

Publicly, because our life together, (forty. wonderful, happy years), was mainly private.

But, I don't think she'd mind if I said out loud that 'I love you my sweet B, we are forever entwined. The wrench of bereavement is softened by your continued presence. Thank you for your love and guidance. See you later.'

And, that she was funny, beautiful, intelligent and strongly supportive to me and our daughter Grace, in our work; I was often away for long tours and recording sessions, Bron held the fort and made a wonderful happy place for me and Grace, to come home to.

Now, I'm getting my head together for the year of work ahead, for which I am grateful (it helps) and excited.

But first, a holiday in the Caribbean before we (DP) kick off in Pennsylvania, 10 Feb '23.

We are getting around a bit in this coming year, so I hope to see as many as possible of your smiling faces on the road, or in a bar somewhere.

Cheers, ig

Ian Gillan

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