Jess Gillan & The Javelins

The Javelins - a band for whom rock history might have passed by long ago had they not ousted their original singer and offered the job to Ian Gillan. That was back in 1962, and over the next two years this eager new beat combo's career was much like any other at the time - gigging at youth clubs, moving on to residencies at pubs, winning local talent contests, gaining a few screaming girl fans and even making TV at one stage. What they never did do was get into a recording studio.

Some thirty years on, chance meetings between Ian and some of his old mates from the band sparked off plans to rectify this situation. Band members were contacted, original set-lists were unearthed, old guitars polished up, rehearsals begun and finally, when Ian could find time off from his day-job with Deep Purple, the recordings were made.

An here they are, fourteen covers of classic sixties pop songs done The Javelins way - a reunion unique in the annals of pop history!

As well as the music the inlay tells the fascinating story of the band, with pictures old and new, while Ian himself explains the recording of the CD.

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