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39 Doing It Tonight

Deep Purple のアルバム Bananas より

"Spin the bottle" という、女の子達を裸にさせるのが主な目的のゲームがある。参加者は輪になってあぐらをかいて座る。輪の中心に置かれた瓶を一人ずつ順番に回し、回転が止まった時点で瓶の先が差した方向に座っている人は、衣服を1枚脱がなくてはいけない。特に技術を必要とするゲームではないが、男性陣にとっては、各自バラバラで勝負するよりも毎回特定の女の子の方を向いて止まるように瓶をうまく回した方が早く裸が見られるから、みんなで協力しあうのが重要。


この曲のメインのテーマは手に入れられない、魅力的な女の子。最後の部分はふん、彼女なんてという負け惜しみで、ここでは imagine という言葉もそれまでとは全く違った意味合いを持つ。

Doing It Tonight

(Airey, Gillan, Glover, Morse, Paice)

I don't have a problem
I'm not seeking her advice
I'm saving that for later
Yeh, it's something awful nice
I had a shaky feeling
When she floated into sight
I imagine we'll be doing it tonight

I'm ragged round the edges
All these people in the room
There's magic in the air
I'm guessing she can feel it too
Prospective recreation
Helps me keep her in my sight
I imagine we'll be doing it tonight

That's why everybody's sitting around
We can't think of nothing better to do
There's no empty bottle
They're all half full
So we end up spinning a shoe
We keep on going 'til poor old Lenny's
Got drool hanging off of his chin
He can't stop winning
When the shoe stops spinning
But he doesn't know where to begin

She wasn't in the running
She was never in the game
I could see her in the distance
But I could not lay my claim
Let me tell you 'bout this cherry
I never got a single bite
Therefore I imagine we'll be doing it tonight

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