Dear Friends

DF 50 - Een Kasteel vol schurken

Juni 2009

Beste vrienden

Over de huidige uitgave woede in The House of Commons, Ik vraag mij af waarom iedereen zo geschokt is… het was altijd al zo.

A Castle full of Rascals (Chorus)

A glistening of questioners
Prepare the inquisition
While jackals in the shadows
Manoeuvre for position
A fundament of righteous men
A barrow of ideals
The carriage of mis-justice
Crushes all beneath its wheels
Conspiracies of silence
Within the temple walls
Graveyards full of promises
That no one can recall
A castle full of rascals
A fortress full of thieves
A parliament of silver tongues
That flatter to deceive


Ian Gillan

Copyright © Ian Gillan 2009

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