Dear Friends

DF 50 - A Castle Full Of Rascals

Juni 2009

Kjære venner

På de nåværende utgiftene furore i The House of Commons (huset med felles), undrer jeg hvorfor alle er så sjokkert... for evig derfor.

A Castle full of Rascals (Refreng)

A glistening of questioners
Prepare the inquisition
While jackals in the shadows
Manoeuvre for position
A fundament of righteous men
A barrow of ideals
The carriage of mis-justice
Crushes all beneath its wheels
Conspiracies of silence
Within the temple walls
Graveyards full of promises
That no one can recall
A castle full of rascals
A fortress full of thieves
A parliament of silver tongues
That flatter to decieve


Ian Gillan

Copyright © Ian Gillan 2009

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