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90 Dancing in my Sleep

(Airey, Gillan, Glover, Morse, Paice)
Z albumu Deep Purple WHOOSH!

Wyobraznia. Jerry Lee Lewis w The Nutty Professor. Swiat?a magenta ktore padaly na jego chemicznie poprawiony wyglad. Tak wygladam we snie. Nie umiem tanczyc za dnia. Bedac szczerym nie umiem tanczyc wcale chyba ze w snie.

W rytmie snu.

Dancing in My Sleep

(Airey, Gillan, Glover, Morse, Paice)

Flying through the night
To the rhythm of the street
I don't know what happen baby
But my blood rise
Every time we meet
I come alive
I get the feeling
Everything will be alright

Lights are pure magenta
Something going down
I don't know what happen baby
I'm in the right place
My feet don't touch the ground
To my surprise
I'm all alone
Dancing in my sleep

Don't you love my fancy footwork
I ain't no Fred Astaire
But I can tap into your life babe
I can take you anywhere

I come alive

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