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1 'Dislocated'

(Gillan, Glover) - from the album 'Accidentally on Purpose'

Sometimes the strength of a word in a rock song is not so much it's meaning as it's sound; the percussive value for example, or it's syllabic sympathy in terms of meter and melody etc. Overall, of course, the lyrics have a story to tell, a message to convey or a meaningless stream of drivel to offer. I would like to start with the last category as it is the most fun.

This song, to me, is about a wonderful bass line, but let's face it the singer has to sing something; and so it happened that after completing 'The House of Blue Light' we felt strangely unfulfilled, not through lack of effort or even the result, more a matter of circumstances within the band; and so Roger Glover and I went to Air Studios in Montserrat to make some music and record the album 'Accidentally on Purpose'. The engineer was 'Nick Blagona' and this was the first track we put down. Roger was inspirational and even though we were 'dislocated' it took only moments to recall the crossover rhyming games we used to play in our formative years with 'Episode Six' before joining Deep Purple. Here are some phrases which may help you through the song, but please don't try to make any sense out of it.

Ming vase
An implied Pizza
Bull in a china shop
Shop around
Round the corner
Knee high (to a grasshopper?)
I believe
Leaving well alone


(Gillan, Glover)

Ears are screaming
Vase a leaning tower
On my plate
At the party
There was no party
There was no suitcase
There was no back seat
There was no car
Dislocated, dislocated, dislocated, dislocated

Mine's a double
In a china shop
Around and round
The corner
There was no corner
There was no street light
There was no whisky
There was no bar

High to eye
Believing well alone
My guitar
There was no guitar
There was no music
There was no lipstick
There was no bra

Dislocated, dislocated, dislocated, dislocatedů

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