The complete lyrics - all in good time
some = all / the effluxion of time

12 Hey Cisco

(Gillan, Glover, Lord, Morse, Paice) from the Deep Purple album 'Purpendicular'

Originally inspired by the horrible reports that a Hollywood Studio had come down heavily on the guy who used to play the Lone Ranger on TV, I think his name was Clayton Moore. It turned out (if the reports were true) that he was being refused permission to open supermarkets because the studio owned the intellectual rights to the image/character or whatever. So this poor old guy had to hand back the mask and the guns and the hat etc. (the horse was dead) and could no longer pick up the couple of hundred bucks or however much he got for turning up in the nick of time to help him collar the black hats. Millions of awestruck kids (myself included) were led to believe that the good guys always won. Obviously not, as it turns out, but how were we innocents to know that. In an attempt to redress the balance this song was written.

The situation has been transferred in a process called artistic license, so it's not about the Lone Ranger, who was actually quite boring but another couple of heroes of the day; the altogether more devil-may-care and outrageously flamboyant Cisco Kid and his sidekick Pancho, (in total accord here - Steve) who were played by Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carillo respectively. However the message remains the same.

Hey Cisco


Watch him ride into the sunset
He'd have the little fat guy
Right along his side
Echoing off the canyon, Hey Cisco
From Pancho 'n' pretty soon
The black sombrero would reply
Hey Pancho what's happening mi amigo
It's getting somewhere near the end,
This winding trail
When we've raced around the corner
For the final dusty time
Mr Renaldo 'n' Carillo's
Going to jail

Can't open no more supermarkets
Duncan's sombrero's hanging
Up there with his guns
Some cigarro sucking slug
Under a cheap Hollywood chandelier
Says 'Cisco, Kid you know
Your day is done
Let me know how you are doin'
Mr Renaldo
If you need me I could be
A friend for life
There don't seem any point
…We should throw 'way
all these years
Why don't we saddle up
And ride out one more time

What they doing to my friend
What they doing to my man
Don't matter when
I'll stay to the end
Hey Cisco
We're going out in style
We're going down together

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