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23 Chandra's Coriander

(Gillan, Morris)
From the Ian Gillan album 'Dreamcatcher'

Sometimes I have an idea for a song but don't know how to work it; so I end up with two seemingly unrelated experiences combining to tell the story.

There's a place near my home which is geologically primitive; insofar as the surface - the rocks and forest running down to the sea - is the result of a tumultuous landslip which occurred during the last century - quite recently in the scheme of things.

I walk there often and feel the wonder of roaming into the undergrowth or climbing the cliffs. I sense that, every now and then, I will step on a piece of ground upon which no other human being has trodden. It is a profoundly spiritual place where I find peace and inspiration.

And then - I was with Roger Glover, walking along an Algarvean beach swathed in mist, discussing the renaissance of our music, albeit a difficult rebirth.

That evening we went to 'India', Chandra Patel's restaurant in Almancil. Chandra explained the history of his coriander sauce and Roger's frown faded for the first time since he'd arrived in Portugal.

Chandra's Coriander

(Gillan, Morris)

The ripples in the river
Giving way to waterfalls
The canopies of the forest
Where the ghosts of long forgotten gods
Lie at peace with simple things
And the parts of us that whisper
And say hey
This is a moonlight trip

It's an old abandoned route
And the dust of centuries
Obscures the many signs
It is beyond the wit of man
To farm the sea
As he farms the land

Chandra, Chandra
Chandra's coriander
Chandra, Chandra
It's been a long time
Since anybody walked this way

The mother of a genius
Gets to know the golden rule
A generation passes
And her daughter gives birth to a fool
Tomorrow's child
A primitive soul
The ancient spirits whisper
And say
Hey this is a moonlight ride

From the ruins and filth
The arrogance and pride
The phoenix will rise
Witness to the path he chose
She walks with eyes
Forever closed

Chandra, Chandra
Chandra's coriander
Chandra, Chandra
It's been long time
Since anybody walked this way

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