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25 The Aviator

(Gillan, Glover, Lord, Morse, Paice), from the Deep Purple album Purpendicular.

When Steve Morse came into the band we wanted to write something about his skills as an Aviator; he is an accomplished pilot. Finding this somewhat difficult, without embracing the banal, Roger and I turned to imagery.

We started in the second verse with the kind of flying that took place in childhood dreams and travelled laterally in both directions from thereon.

The Aviator


Riding on the moon path
In the silver of the night
The fragrance on the air
Was of another time
I cried in all my innocence
You were dressed in white
And even if I'd had the strength
I couldn't move to save my life

The fear and the thrill
Of the beast at the window
The shivers and chills
On the hottest of nights
He walked right through my open door
As I began to run, he threw
Some gold upon the floor, and said
There's plenty more where that came from

I'm tired of the bombs
I'm tired of the bullets
I'm tired of the crazies on T.V.
I'm the aviator
A dream's a dream whatever it seems

I flew along the lighted street
I flew above the town
I flew in ever rising circles
Ever further from the ground
As I begin to lose my breath
Painted faces turn and spin
A distant corner of the room
Will open up and let me in

I'm tired of the news
I'm tired of the weather
I'm tired of the same thing every day
I'm the aviator
A dream's a dream whatever they say

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