The complete lyrics - all in good time
some = all / the effluxion of time

3 'A Castle full of Rascals'

(Gillan/Glover/Lord/Morse/Paice) - from the Deep Purple album 'Purpendicular'

The key to this is the chorus (…..'A glistening of questioners…' etc). Perspiring crooks being stalked by Machiavelli with a whetted knife. Mandelson/Campbell are the current stars in this long running and truly international production. The Houses of Parliament, in fact Westminster/Whitehall, like so many other governments, are no longer relevant, more of a nuisance really.

A Castle full of Rascals


Nothing here for me today
Garbaggio from the men in grey
Don't do this
You can't do that
What's the point
What's the matter, anyway
Fat cat's licking cream
Dirty business
Hard and mean
Narrow eyes and hungry days
There's got to be
A better way

Something here about my face?
Something make you think
I got time to waste
What you doing
Standing there
Why don't you call
Someone who cares
Fat cats all the same
Easy answers just a game
Another day nothing changes
There's got to be a better way

A glistening of questioners
Prepare the inquisition
While jackals in the shadows
Manoeuvre for position
A fundament of righteous men
A barrow of ideals
The carriage of misjustice
Crushes all beneath its wheels
Conspiracies of silence
Within the temple walls
Graveyards full of promises
That no one can recall
A castle full of rascals
A fortress full of thieves
A parliament of silver tongues
That flatter to deceive

Oh my darling Carolina
If you get the chance
To walk behind her
She's so clean
You see no splash
Just the Texas chainsaw massacree
Fat cat's got to go
I'm Rockin' and rollin'
From my headache to my toes
She's trying to set the world on fire
Up there in her Ivory tower

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