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31 Gut Reaction

From the Ian Gillan album Naked Thunder

I was having breakfast, whilst going through my mail. Amongst the junk was an innocuous brown envelope, so overwhelmingly wrapped in Sellotape that I couldn't breach its defences. Consequently, I binned it with all the other trash.

Later that morning, I was playing pool and writing lyrics. Suddenly this backing track blasted out from the speakers. I turned to my mate Squiffy and said, 'what's this?'

'Remember that brown envelope you threw away? Well, there was a cassette inside, I retrieved it and this is it.' There was a note as well, from Steve Morris. There were four tracks on that cassette and three of them including 'Gut Reaction' ended up being on the album 'Naked Thunder'...My first effort since being fired from Deep Purple, in '89 I believe. I have worked with Steve Morris on many projects since then, we are good friends and still have a strong working relationship.

These days I open every envelope and listen to everything that is sent to me.

Gut Reaction

(Gillan, Morris)

I feel so dirty
I feel so dirty
It's all worked out
You tell me I've been wrong
I got no reason to live anymore
Nothing to do but just curl up and die

But wait a minute babe
I can't see your eyes
Are you telling me lies
What you doing
Bringing me down to size?

I can't see your burning eyes
I can't feel your gut reaction
Do you think I'm paralysed

I've got no pity
I'm heading for the city
I just don't think
When I'm taking revenge
I got red mist in front of my eyes
Don't try to stop me
Don't even try

So what's the matter babe?
Hurt your feelings have I
It's making me cry
What d'you expect when
You pierce my heart with a knife

Can you see my burning eyes
Can you feel my gut reaction
I can see you're paralysed

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