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47 Cayman Island

(Gillan, Glover)
From the Gillan, Glover album Accidentally on Purpose

Immediately after a completing DP's The House of Blue Light, Roger and I went to Montserrat to make a record. The tropical atmosphere reminded us of a holiday we had spent together some years earlier in Grand Cayman - the largest of the three Cayman Islands.

Originally written by Roger for my daughter's birthday, each verse was dedicated to one of our group. At our apartment in the Villas of the Galleon on Seven Mile Beach, he sat amongst us and delighted us with an exclusive premiere performance; Grace was thrilled.

The song was rewritten and included on this album, much to the annoyance of Richard Griffiths. Needless to say he went on to become Fat Larry - or was it Moronica - deserting us just as the record was released - thereby guaranteeing failure; even though another song from the album - Telephone Box - was the most added song on every rock radio station in America before anyone realised that there were no copies actually in the stores - thanks Richard, nice one.

Anyway, I digress... Chet (Chester L.King of Chet and the Telephone Box connection) was the skipper of the Quabbin Dive boat and Bob was his divemaster buddy. Roger and I are both divers.

The delightful Sugar was - reputedly - a lady of the night (retired) who worked behind the bar at 'The Ports o' Call' which was something different then, before the development.

Schoonerman was the nickname for a visiting diver who thought he was an expert, but in fact endangered everyone's life the moment he put on his wetsuit.

'Road Warrior' was the radio call sign for the freelance cameraman - Darvin -who came with us on some trips. His work was for sale and he displayed it every night at 7.00pm.

We missed it of course because we had a night dive on the wreck of the Balboa in Hog Sty Bay.

The Carrie Lee was a fresh wreck that went down in dangerous waters. We were the first to dive upon it. I left a Deep Purple pendant attached to the bow rail, which - then - was at 180 ft..

'Red Stripe on a fishing line' is actually a memory of a rafting trip I had once in Jamaica; we stopped once in a while for various forms of refreshment and they kept the beer cool in the water on a line.

And when it rained in the capital Georgetown you could be sure that it was fine in West Bay.

Cayman Island

(Gillan, Glover)

Cayman, Cayman Island
Cayman, Cayman Island

Go divin' on a coral reef
One eye open for the girls on the beach
Chet 'n' Bob on the Quabbin boat
Oh, life afloat

A piece o' Sugar at The Ports O' Call
Another day in paradise droppin' off the wall
Schoonerman look better on dry land
Oh, life is grand

Cayman, Cayman Island
Cayman, Cayman Island

Road Warrior on the radio
Seven o'clock he do a special show
Balboa callin' I can't wait
Oh, life is great

Save money you can live tax-free
While I go down on the Carrie Lee
Runnin' out of air like I knew I would
Oh, life is good

Cayman, Cayman Island
Cayman, Cayman Island

Red Stripe on a fishin' line
Georgetown rainin' West Bay fine
Another rum punch nothin' is wrong
Oh, life goes on

Cayman, Cayman Island
Cayman, Cayman Island

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