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49 Sweet Lolita

(Gillan, Morris)
From the Ian Gillan album Naked Thunder

A very difficult subject is the sexual activity of a girl or boy, blessed with the attributes of physical maturity and yet deemed by society to be unready for intimacy.

So what happens in those three or four years leading up to the magical age of sixteen?

Pre-pubescent love and hugging affection is suddenly withdrawn; the newly fledged and generally confused little lady or young man is suddenly denied a major part of the natural transition into maturity. Contact is quite dramatically lost from all except fumbling contemporaries and often welcomed predators.

As I understand it in England a sixteen year old who mates with a fifteen year old is committing a crime called 'Unlawful sexual intercourse'. Sure, it's there to protect children, like all the other mental penicillin that's drip fed into their souls from the moment they look up and hear a 'goo-goo' (Why not a 'Welcome to the world you lovely-little-almost-sentient-being'?)

In the USA I think sex between consenting children is called 'Statutory Rape' - 'Statutory' means that there is no defence, it's a crime whatever the circumstances.

Those are the rules, and rules are meant to be obeyed; however not one single law enacted by man has the power of my mother's words to me…'When a girl says no, it means no - even if she says it quietly. No matter how inflamed or aroused you may be, and no matter how close you are to entering her, or even during intercourse…if she says no it means no'. That means Stop! Cease! Desist Immediately!!! Fives nines are forty-five…it's that easy to remember!

The human race forces its offspring to remain childish far longer than necessary, and the puritans waste no opportunity to fertilize the guilt trip before the dried-up umbilicus finally snaps.

Anyway, this song is about a particular example, of many…many, this one encountered on the road during the House of Blue Light tour with Deep Purple. I was impressed by the decent behaviour of musicians and road crew. Two very young girls had found their way into the green room backstage. They were stunningly beautiful and showing us everything; they were visibly, sexually excited and on the verge of losing control. Arousing? Certainly! But they were gently escorted from the building and put safely into a cab, with a couple of autographed pictures and an invitation to come back in five years. Hey, we're no angels, but it seems that quite a few mothers have told their sons the same thing as mine told me.

It's an often-misunderstood topic, hardly ever discussed properly and dangerous when taken out of context. No wonder kids are confused.

Sweet Lolita

(Gillan, Morris)

Oh such an innocent look
You've got in your eye
There's a woman in the girl I know
Got to be satisfied

I know you're discovering your sex appeal
But you don't seem to worry
'bout the way I feel in my heart
With your body signs

I don't want to hurt you
Says this heart of mine
But I can't control
What you're doing to my mind

I don't want you
Hanging round my door
I can't stand it anymore baby
'cos you're jailbait

Oh sweet Lolita
You're driving me wild
I could love you and make it so easy
But you're just a child

We could fly on a day trip to Paradise
It feels like a dream
But it cuts like a knife
Through my heart

I don't want to hurt you
Says this heart of mine
But sweet temptation
What you doing to my mind

I don't want you
Hanging round my door
I can't stand it anymore baby
'cos you're jailbait

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