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some = all / the effluxion of time

54 Before Time Began

(Airey, Gillan, Glover, Morse, Paice)
From the Deep Purple album Rapture of the Deep

Every day of my life I discover
Someone murdering my sisters and brothers
In the name of some god or another
What do you know?

It is not unusual for warriors of opposing forces to claim that 'god is on my side'. Those same belligerents and perhaps more significantly their commanders will also declare that 'there is only one god'. With the greatest 'respect' to all of them I cannot reconcile those contradictory and self-serving phrases.

In a spiritual sense, I need two things in order to be happy, in order to exist. I need a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging. Whether it is the same for everybody I do not know, because the complexity of human nature passes all understanding, but if that concept was to be the case, then it might explain some of life's mysteries.

We spend a lot of time studying the unknown and relatively little time researching those things that we take for granted. How is it that a mother will clutch her heart as her son falls dead on a distant battlefield? How do I know what you're thinking? How can we sense danger? Are premonitions inevitable - given the odds of a correct guess?

How little we know about such things and how rarely they are discussed in a constructive way.

A 'spiritualist' is generally thought to be associated with cranks and weird sects. Although to me the idea of puzzling over the wonderful intricacies of the human soul just means following the same line of thought that all religions pursue, although individual thought in this area has been demonised over the millennia.

So far as I know, no surgeon - whilst deep into the brain or heart with a cutting tool - has ever called 'Eureka, I have discovered the human soul!' No, that particular discovery was made ages ago by religious leaders, and our enquiring minds have been stifled or redirected ever since.

Part of me - the part of me that is becoming more dominant as I rationalise the hypothesis - is exploring the concept of human mutation into a metaphysical state. I imagine some of us changing into a sentient energy force - without these funny things we call bodies. Like caterpillars mutate into butterflies, because caterpillars can't fly.

We might hover around our traditional home base for a while until we have learned to handle ourselves and then whiz off to pastures new.

We do not have enough time to travel the Universe in any other way. Certainly those little tin machines - spaceships - are getting further and further away from our little rock, but oh so slowly. Yet I can think myself to distant galaxies in an instant. There, it is possible to travel faster than light after all, but you have to dump the load.

Heading in another direction there is the Big Bang and all that interesting talk by 'theoretical' physicists about the 'fact' that nothing existed before the moment of creation. If I can grasp something like the true meaning of infinity and eternity, and then consider the beginning of anything, I will know that something came before it.

Thinking of our Universe in finite terms is like saying the Earth is flat. Infinity means forever, not like Earthbound parallel lines (no such thing as parallel lines), that can exist - for practical purposes - as far as the page will allow; or as far as we know and a bit beyond.

It seems obvious that our Universe is not a singular event.

If we became disembodied, travelling light with a fresh and common sense of purpose, would we talk amongst ourselves in our new spiritual collectives on the journey beyond this universe or would we still be having our little squabbles and murders in the constant struggle for supremacy?

It is human nature after all.

Before Time Began

(Airey, Gillan, Glover, Morse, Paice)

The daylight fades
And the stars come out
But there's never much to talk about
Another day
Goes rushing by
And here we are just wondering why
We have to belong
With a sense of purpose
That's all we need
Without them we're worthless
Ah, we've come so far
Hmm, but then again
All we see is more of the same
It's getting crowded here
We agree no doubt
Oh dear brother what's it all about
Hey you over there
Why don't you throw down your spear
We all need some help right now
Where are we going from here?
The way things are working out
It won't be too long before we have to move
Better start thinking about it
While there's still time to choose

Every day of my life I discover
Someone murdering my sisters and brothers
In the name of some god or another
What do you know?

For the first precious few
It's time to go
What might have been we'll never know
All those bad ideas
Became the law
Oh yes, we've forgotten what we're looking for
All of you angels
It's time to gather your wings
Leave it all behind
You won't need any of those things
We're going on
Through the darkness hand in hand
To step into the future
Before time began

And for those who remain
With your chosen gods
May your prayers be answered

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