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63 Bluesy Blue Sea

(Gers, Gillan)
From the Gillan album Magic & also from Gillan's Inn

During the making of Magic I was going through some turbulent waters in the passage of life. It is always difficult to make a decision when others are involved, because - once made - there is no going back. At times like these I turn to my other self and have a good argument. These words are an example of such - there is nobody else involved, I'm just singing to myself - and Garth of course.

During this period I spent most nights in my tent, whilst the days were taken up with working on the new songs at Musbury Village Hall; with Colin Towns, Mick Underwood, John McCoy and Janick Gers. In between there was a bit of drinking getting done.

My tent was pitched on the cliff tops that run along what is now known as the Jurassic Coast. I would gaze out to sea - the blue summer sea - whilst in deep meditation; I still go there now to feel the calm.

Bluesy Blue Sea

(Gers, Gillan)

Sitting here with the bottom line
You wanna know what
I'm gonna take my time
It maybe good but it could be bad itů
It drives me mad oh
Sitting here like a lunatic
You wanna know what
Don't make you sick
Yes I may be right I may be wrong
But you can't sing my song

Looking deep in my moody eyes
Feeling good well
I got a big surprise
You're the one that I'm aiming at you
You stupid prat
I'm on the edge of insanity
But wait a minute now
Is it you or me
Lock me up if I've done you wrong
You'll never sing my song

Bluesy blue sea won't you favour me
Bluesy blue sea won't you savour me
I live loosely not too bravely
Bluesy blue sea won't you save me

Gotta dream in December days
I can't reach it but
I'm gonna change my ways
Forget the wind and forget the snow you gotta
Let me go oh
Sitting here like a lunatic
You wanna know what
Don't it make you sick
I may be right and I may be wrong
Wish I could sing your song

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