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69 Into the Fire

(Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice)
From the Deep Purple album Deep Purple in Rock

What a strange and innocent, but incredibly powerful anti-drug song. We all (in DP) grew up in a drinking (alcohol) environment. Through generations English pubs had evolved into an integral part of society - as important as schools and churches.

As mentioned in Ted the Mechanic the two subjects of discussion to avoid would be politics and religion, and because of that you would find a great cross section of tolerant locals. I was not amazed to find my father (retired factory worker) in pleasant discourse with an old Field Marshal/land owner, a vicar, two policemen, a shopkeeper and a farm worker - one evening in my bar.

Almost every pub had a function room in the back for weddings, meetings etc. and of course the space for young musicians to practise and perform their stuff. Successive idiotic governments put the kybosh on all of this by restricting bands to a maximum of two members (fire risk - duh!).

Landlords would be the arbiters of behaviour in their 'Public Houses' and if you got out of line you be barred.

There were no drugs on display.

It was all - from hash to heroin - regarded as evil, although it was barely a generation since the age of perfectly respectable opium dens and trips of discovery for hugely influential writers and scientists who'd go into the desert to chew on some cactus sap for brief mind blowing spells.

We still don't know how to deal with it - I hold views now that are vastly different to those that drove this lyric - but hey, I love it and it still kicks ass live.

Into The Fire

(Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice)

Take the trouble to decide the things you do
Will not be the things that don't appeal to you
See the mess your makin' can't you see your fakin'
Gonna make it hard for you, you're gonna - into the fire

Turn on to the mandrake that was given to you
See if you can make it like the others do
Feel the blood a knockin' when you're finger poppin'
Gonna make it hard for you, you're gonna - into the fire

Stop your bleeding mind before it's over and done
Listen very closely to the message I've sung
Feel the blood a knockin' when you're finger poppin'
Gonna get a message through, you're gonna - into the fire.

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